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The NOCC was ready to rock at the Daisy Project's LOPalooza event!

During the music festival, we handed out informational cards about responsible drinking, as well as free non-alcoholic beverages to anyone who wanted them! It was so great to talk to community members about what they thought were important issues in Lake Orion, and we were even able to connect with other non-profit organizations in the Metro-Detroit area! Being able to connect with our community is one of our favorite things we're able to do as a coalition, and LOPalooza was a great opportunity to do so.

The cards that we handed out contained information about responsible drinking, and the dangers of drinking too much. As adults we often think the days of peer pressure are behind us, but sometimes we fail to think about other pressure sources. At large events like this or at parties where people are drinking, you might feel an internal pressure to drink to fit in, rather than your peers being the ones to tell you that.

It's always okay to choose not to drink, do what feels best for you! If you do choose to drink, just do so responsibly, know your limits, and never drive while intoxicated.

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