Why we're so concerned
about youth substance abuse:

     Some reasons for concern are obvious, like the dangers of drunk driving and the long-term effects of smoking. Other issues are not common knowledge and more dangerous than one might think. For example, as Michigan and other states have legalized marijuana, use among youth has increased, creating a great risk to developing brains.

     It is our goal to make sure everyone in our community has the information needed to make safer decisions regarding alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. 

     Scroll down to learn about some of our campaigns, programs, and trainings we use to help reduce youth substance use.

No Vape November

     No Vape November OR EVER educates our students and community on the risks involved with vaping.

     Every November, the NOCC focuses on the dangers of vaping with our students through a series of lunchroom visits, table displays, and fun activities.

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Smart Dragons Don't Drink