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Our Mission

The North Oakland Community Coalition promotes mental and physical health for all, free of alcohol and substance misuse, through resources, educational programming, collaboration, and endless faith in community spirit.


     Established in 2007, the NOCC provides critical education and programs related to underage drinking, youth substance use, and mental health to encourage a responsible community where healthy decision making is valued and where individuals and families thrive.

     As one of our nation’s Drug Free Communities coalitions, we utilize the Strategic Prevention Framework as a guide in identifying, planning, and evaluating the programs and activities that create the biggest impact on the health and safety of our youth.

     We value our relationships with key partners in the Lake Orion community. Collaboration is the key to whole-community wellness. The NOCC’s goal is to gather input and combine resources from every sector of our community to ensure mental health and substance misuse prevention remain a priority for the residents of Lake Orion.

Making Connections | Creating Change

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Our Board & Staff


Ms. Andrea Martinec, President 

     Lake Orion Printing & Design

Pastor Josh Yates, Vice President    

     Gingellville Community Church

Ms. Kristin Sliwinski, Secretary

     Lake Orion Learning Options

Mr. Mike Luna, Treasurer

     Hantz Financial



Ms. Lisa Baldwin
Ms. Jenny Bhatti
Deputy Jen Eriksen

Mr. Anthony Palmeri


Tonya Hamilton
     Executive Director

Samantha Anker
     Communication Coordinator

Jill McCollum

     Mental Health Coordinator

Amber Rocheleau

     Prevention Coordinator

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