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Partner for Drug-Free Kids

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Partner for Drug-Free Kids

Prescription drug misuse has become an epidemic in the U.S.


Every day 2,000 teens in our nation try prescription drugs to get high for the first time. The number one place teens get medications, that are not prescribed to them, is their medicine cabinet at home.


Above are some resources on the dangers of prescription drug misuse and ways that you can help prevent these situations.

 Partnership for Drug-Free Kids

Vitamins and pills
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Proper Disposal

One of the easiest ways you can help prevent drug misuse is by properly disposing of unused or expired prescription medications. Both the Lake Orion village police and Oakland County Sheriff's offices accept old or unused prescriptions at these locations:

  •  Lake Orion Police Department- 21 East Church Street

  • Oakland County Orion Substation- 2525 Joslyn Road


Many pharmacies in our area offer prescription drop-off box services as well! To find a pharmacy near you, click the button below:

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