Mental Health Resources for
Oxford Students and Families

The counselors on the list below are offering free or reduced-price services to the Oxford community and have been vetted by the NOCC. If you are using the list to find a counselor, the NOCC recommends contacting multiple providers to find the best fit for your needs.

Community Mental Health Events

This page is currently being updated. If you are hosting a mental health event for the students of Oxford High School, please email

Counseling Centers

  • Willows Edge Counseling & Healing Arts Center - Offering free, one-on-one grief counseling for the community. They are able to offer comprehensive services to patients ages 3 and up/ Those interested can contact, or call (248) 834-0614 with the client's name, phone number, birthday, and address. Crisis sessions are free, and if a patient wishes to continue, payment options can be discussed (insurances, private pay, continued pro bono services as able with an intern, etc.). They will also be hosting a number of support/art therapy groups, listed below. Art Therapy caps at 16, groups cap at 10. Sign up through this Facebook post, or by emailing with your contact information and what day you'd like to sign up for.

    • High School Support Group: Mon/Wed/Fri from 11am-12pm

    • High School Art Group: Mon/Wed/Fri from 11am-12pm

    • Middle School Support Group: Mon/Wed/Fri from 11am-12pm

    • Middle School Art Group: Tues/Thurs from 5-6pm
    • Parents: Thursdays at 6pm starting Dec. 9th​
  • Sanctuary Services- Is providing a list of faith-baseed trauma therapists who have agreed to see students and families impacted by the Oxford Shooting. Click for document here, or call number below.

  • Insight Counseling Services- Offering Free Support Group Therapy to all Oxford High School students. This 8 week group started in mid-December and is facilitated by Michael Joy (MA, LPC). The group will be hosted at the Insight Counseling Services building. There are still 8 open spots for the group, please call the number below if you are interested in attending.​

  • ​Lapeer County Community Mental Health- Lapeer CMH triage services are available 24/7. Anyone, regardless of age or county of residence can utilize the crisis line at 810-667-0500. Walk in appointments are available at the main building located at 1570 Suncrest Dr. in Lapeer. These appointments are available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and are also available to anyone in need. Both the crisis line and walk in appointments are free of charge.

  • Sage Tree Psychology Group- Offering 5 free crisis therapy sessions for all Oxford High School students. If client wishes to continue after 5 sessions they must go through insurance, but a variety of insurances are accepted.​​

  • Oakland Psychological Clinic- Immediate services are available to students, parents, faculty, first responders and members of the community affected by the tragedy. In person and telehealth options available.​

  • Michigan Institute of Performance and Health (BioWellness)- BioWellness has open availability for Oxford High School students. They have a number of practitioners available to take on clients, specializing in a variety of ​practices such as art therapy, yoga therapy, and behavior and mental psychology. Multiple insurances are accepted, and a sliding price scale is offered for insurances out of network.

  • Sollars & AssociatesCurrently accepting new referrals and also have a group of about forty therapists who have offered to provide pro bono counseling for students, staff, parents, and first responders affected by the tragedy that took place at Oxford High School.​​​​​

  • ​Therapy Services of Clarkston Counseling Center- Currently accepting new patients with immediate openings for both in person and telehealth. ​There are a number of grief counselors with about 20 years of experience each. They have flexible appointment times, with openings on Saturdays and Sundays. They accept a number of insurance, including Medicaid. 

  • Lake Orion Counseling Center- Providers are offering extended appointment hours for appointments in wake of the shooting at Oxford High School.​

  • Great Lakes Psychology GroupAt no cost to you, clinical mental health counselors are offering group sessions right away, and these will be held virtually on Zoom. You will *not* be expected to talk and share in these sessions. Length of time: 45-60 minutes. You will be given simple instructions by the therapists, and will practice a protocol called the ASSYST (Acute Stress Syndrome Stabilization procedure). Participation in this short protocol immediately decreases symptoms of distress such as: re-experiencing of the event, overwhelming mental images or bodily sensations, high anxiety, and difficulty sleeping or sitting still. Participants will be given simple instructions by the therapists, and practice the protocol in a virtual group Zoom. You will be muted, but your camera must be on. Please click on the appropriate link to sign up.

  • Brain Center of Michigan- ​staff at the Brain Center of Michigan in Clarkston is available for anyone needing to talk about what happened.

  • The Center for Care Assessment- Virtually offering free crisis services (short term 1-4 sessions of trauma specific treatment) for those impacted.​

  • GLIO Counseling Group- Offering both virtual and in-person counseling for individual, couples, and families. There is a wait list, but Oxford High School students are being given priority. Multiple insurances are accepted.​

Individual Providers

  • Lauren Yearego (MA, LPC, NCC, CTP-C)- offering extended hours for free crisis counseling appointments. Those interested can book directly into her calendar by using this link:​​

  • Judith Persley (LMSW)- Judith is offering some pro-bono openings for both in office and virtual for Oxford High School students. Both in person and virtual appointments are available. If interested, please call or email for appointments.​

  • Carrie Anne Ryan (LPC, CAADC)- Is offering both free or reduced sessions to Oxford High School students. Carrie has experience working with children and adolescents in group or individual sessions, but most of her experience is with teens ages 16 and up. She has experience working with clients with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma. To contact Carrie, call 586-745-3639 or email

  • Katie Peterson- Katie is an Oxford Graduate and current masters level intern at Lifeologie Counseling in Grand Rapids. She is offering one free session via telehealth for students or community members directly impacted by the events at OHS. If you would like sessions to continue after the initial appointment, there will be a small discounted fee per session. If you would like to contact Katie, please email

  • Erika Oliver (MA, LLP)- Erika is a private mental health therapist in Grand Rapids who specializes in trauma and critical response, and has offered to take on up to two clients through virtual sessions. If interested, you can call her secretary at 616-259-7207 and mention the NOCC/Sam Anker. 

  • Mandy Schwerin- Call 810-441-5317. Mandy is a life coach in the Oxford area, and can talk to students and families impacted by the Oxford tragedy. 

  • Megan Fortin- Megan is a Certified Life Coach who specializes in CBT, NLP and Trauma. She is also a Resonance Repatterning Practitioner, Meditation instructor and Reiki Master. She is offering sessions to support those involved and needing assistance with any of the services at no charge, but is accepting donations. Megan has a home office in downtown Oxford and can do in person and zoom sessions.  Call 248-821-2491 or email

  • Dr. Kat Lewitzke (PsyD LP)- Offering a free informational seminar on processing trauma and coping skills for survivors coping with the aftermath of the Oxford shooting. There is currently no date for the presentation, but those who are interested in attending can email for updates. 

  • Stephanie Crane (LMSW)- Stephanie would like to offer up to three sessions free to individuals or family units to those impacted by the Oxford tragedy, via telehealth. After the three sessions, both BCBSM and BCN insurance are accepted. Stephanie is also an EAP provider through Lyra. If interested, please email Stephanie at

  • Brenda Lindsay (MBSR, CPC ,CRC, PRP)- Brenda is offering a 50% discount on Mindfulness Based Stressed Reduction (MBSR) classes for parents, teachers, first responders, grandparents, and students over 18 years old impacted by the Oxford tragedy.  The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Series Orientation is on January 11th with the 8-Week Series starting on January 18th.  For more information, visit

Helpful Links

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  • Age-Related reactions to traumatic events: (click here)

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Crisis Lines

  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline:                  1-800-273-8255

  • Common Ground Crisis Line:                              1-800-231-1127

  • Common Ground Text Line:                           Text HELLO to 741741

  • Michigan Crisis & Access Line:               Call or Text 1-844-446-4225

  • Okay2Say Hotline:                                                855-565-2729

  • Okay2Say Text Line:                                                  652729

  • SAMHSA's National Helpline:                            1-800-662-4357

  • SAMHSA's Disaster Distress line:            Call or text 1-800-985-5990

  • Lapeer County CMH Crisis Line:                     810-667-0500