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Preventative Mental Health Care

Preventative Care

All of us have times in our lives where we find ourselves struggling to maintain happiness and productivity. Using preventative mental health care like coping skills, feeling identification, and selfcare tools will help you find balance and good mental health.

Mental Health Continuum

     The Mental Health Continuum is a visual aid that we have created to help provide a deeper understanding of the broad scope of both healthy and unhealthy mental health characteristics. The feelings stated below are just a few examples of what someone might feel in each stage of the continuum, and not a definitive guide. 

     While it is normal to move through different stages of the continuum during different stages of our lives, when someone finds themselves struggling, that is the appropriate time to seek the help of a mental health professional. For more information on crisis, visit our Suicide Prevention page here


Understanding our feelings

     Naming your feelings can help you to understand why you are experiencing specific emotions. The NOCC Feelings Wheel can help to explore beyond "happy" or "sad" to more accurately describe what you are experiencing. 

     Tools like these can be especially helpful for younger children who might not have the vocabulary to properly express their emotions. If you would like a copy of our free magnetic Feelings Wheel for your home, please reach out to the NOCC here.

Feelings Wheel Board.png

Self-Care and Coping Skills

     Establishing good self-care habits is essential for building coping skills for when we find ourselves struggling with our mental health. The same habits we see as self-care, such as going on a nature walk or talking with friends, turn into the coping skills we use when things are more difficult. It's important to explore and find what methods work best for you to thrive.

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NOCC Mental Health Guide

Looking for more resources? Download our Mental Health Guide by clicking here or by viewing below!

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